Ye Younger Update List

New update list, new picture

February 20, 2003: It's been almost two years since any updates, so I'll just it all out. I strongly considered just deleting everything on this site, but according to my counter, people are actually still visiting this website. So. It will remain up.
I'm going to eliminate a lot of stuff. In my first sweep, I cut the following sections:
Joel's "Please Read This!" appeal to fanfic responses.
The "My Coming Ascention" page.
The link to the gallery. Right now, the gallery is still operational while I decide what to keep and what to chuck.
The "Link To Me!" section. This is an old site, devoted to an older area of the fandom. No one who is new to BtVS is going to come here, since the newest stories are still dated back to Season Five. The days when we all thought that Spike/Buffy was just something amusing for unconventional fic. Damn, were we ever wrong.
The "Webrings" area. I have no idea how many of those other sites were still up, and I didn't bother to find out.

As everyone probably guessed a long time ago, my enlisting of Julie the Meadow Lurk as the web-designer never panned out. So, if any construction actually happens on the site, it's all me, so send your irritated emails this way.

April 29, 2001: Added some new pics to The Gallery. These pictures come courtesy of Buffy World, so kudos to them. As always, if anyone knows the address of a website featuring quality (and consistantly updated) screenshots, please send me the address.

April 28, 2001 (later): Oh, and judged the December Caption Contest. Put up the May contest. Oy.

April 28, 2001: Yeah, so that 'tomorrow' promise didn't really work out. Sorry about that. Anyway, for those of you who haven't heard, I'm now retired. As in, no more fanfic being written from this quarter. However, before you all start writing me letters begging me to stay (that is, the four of you who are still visiting this page) I'd just like to state that The Rabbit Hole will remain up. In fact, to make certain that The Rabbit Hole is never again threatened with shut-down (*cough*Tripod*cough*) I have obtained private webspace, and a nice guy is offering me server space. After the move, The Rabbit Hole will have a whole new look, thanks to my new partner in crime: Julie the Meadow Lurk. (technically an old partner in crime, since I met her about three years ago, but this is the first time that the two of us have actually hooked up on a project) So, we can all look forward to a new Rabbit Hole that doesn't suck. As the first step in the direction of the New And Improved Rabbit Hole, I have completely cut several sections from this page. Say goodbye to The Rumor Page, the VIP Rambles, the Couple Theme Songs, and the Quotes.

April 13, 2001: There will be a rather large announcement tomorrow concerning my impending retirement and the future of this website. Until then, here's a fic I pulled out of backlog about Adam. Before Adam.

January 1, 2001: Happy New Year! *g* Pretty exciting... to celebrate, here's a story from Casix Thistlebane which is utterly hysterical... *g* Plus it manages to reference a whole bunch of my fics. Hare Raising.

December 31, 2000: *g* Ah, we're finally about to enter into the new millenium. Nice that we finished up all the celebration and hoopla a year early. A happy, hopeful fic would really be in the spirit of things.... but, since I have a rather evil side, there will be no such fic this year. Instead, Sacrificial Nature has been completed for your reading pleasure. To jump straight to the end part, click here.

December 25, 2000: Merry Christmas to all the Christians out there, and Happy Holidays to the practitioners of all other (and equally valid!) religions! In my usual tradition (third year running, for those who were perhaps wondering) I wrote a fanfic from start to finish on Christmas Eve (since it's 1:30AM right now, technically I wrote it a few hours ago), which will account for the utter crappiness of it. Aaaaaaaaanyway. This year's effort is a song parody, titled The Night Riley Went Crazy. Hope everyone enjoys it. Incidentally, the link to Part One of Sacrificial Nature has been fixed.

December 23, 2000: Whoa. Time flies. Happy holiday season to everyone, and I'll try to make a few more fic updates before Christmas. Added the prologue and first chapter of a new fic that I have in the making, this one called Sacrificial Nature. And apparently it's a good one, because Intentionally Obscure Author says, "Read this fic. It's spectacurific." Also, added an updated version of The Wild by Intentionally Obscure Author.

December 6, 2000: First off, I'd really like to thank everyone for being so patient with me. Either that, or just not caring enough to nag me into updating. *g* Whichever it is, my long hiatus between updates will only last about another week or so, and then my finals will be over and the updates will flow like manna. The new holiday picture on the front page is just the beginning of the updates (though don't worry! the Big Bunny will be back after the holidays), and I'd like to thank Andra for sending it to me. Bunny pictures are always appreciated. The Caption Contest has also been updated, so have fun. The Winners from last month have been notified, so congratulations to everyone who participated!

November 13, 2000: Yet more stuff came up. Added the picture for the Caption Contest, so go nuts for the remainder of November. Also added two new stories. The Muse and Parental Devotion.

November 8, 2000: Stuff came up. Updates were delayed. Condolences made. Here's something nice -- I updated the Caption Contest. Sort of. The old contest has ended and is archived (congratulations to everyone who participated!), but I haven't chosen a picture for the new one yet. I'll try and fix that soon.

October 12, 2000: Added a new fic, Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4.

October 9, 2000: Updated the Caption Contest.

October 3, 2000: New fic, where I revel in the joy of mocking Xander's pain. Lord of the Flies has thus been added to the fic page. Also, I've established an update list, since I've been fairly random in that area lately.

September 29, 2000: Gah, I didn't realize that it had been this long since I updated. I think I'm channeling my inner Zak. Oy. You know, on Monday I wrote a very interesting fic on this subject. Unfortunately, I neglected to post it anywhere but at the Watcher's Council, and now Yahoo is giving me sass and I can't get it. But, it will eventually end up here. In the meantime, please content yourselves with The Dawn of Twilight.

September 5, 2000: First update from college. Yea. Added Suffer The Children, which features our favorite lawyer, Lindsay, and also yet another original character (courtesy of me) that's named Andrew.

August 27, 2000: Updated the Caption Contest. Congratulations to August's Winners.

August 26, 2000: Added Joy To The World. It's sick and weird, so if you've been anxiously waiting for my triumphant literary return, wait for the next fic. Expect a bunch of changes over the weekend, and then a long wasteland after that. I will not have my own computer for the first month of college, and trust me, I'll probably be just a wee bit busy to update often. My apologies. Though, on a cheery note, you might notice that the usual Far Side comic has been retired. Hope you like the replacement.

August 11, 2000: Added Make Up Your Mind That It's My Life. Last update for a bit. I'll be offline for a week.

August 5, 2000: Added Riley's Girl.

August 4, 2000: Do to the various quirks of Tripod, Ye Olde Update List has had to be retired. It can still be accessed, but it has become a pain to update, ironically. Thus, behold Ye Younger Update List. The other big update today is that after over a year of procrastination, Maiden, Mother, Crone has been completed.

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