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This ain't gonna to look good on our report, Leroy.

New Updates

July 27, 2000: Since the weather has recently taken a turn towards autumn, I jumped ahead and put up the August Caption Contest. Congratulations to July's winners!

July 25, 2000: Added my first Buffy/Graham story ever. One Of Those Things. This fic has won The Black Rose Award, bestowed by the ever-spiffy Ragna. So, apparently, this story is not entirely crap. *g* To admire this and my other awards, please stop by the well-named Awards Page.

July 24, 2000: To make up for my recent lack of updates, today is something special. Added a story by Mariner to the Other Author's Page. The story is Another Peaceful War, and has been awarded the Bunny Seal of Approval. Seriously, this is an *excellent* story that breaks new ground, and breaks it well. *g* Enjoy.

July 14, 2000: *g* No update, but today is my birthday.

July 5, 2000: Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July! Added Summertime Blues. It's an Angel-fic, but it's pretty light on the Anti-Angel rhetoric.

July 3, 2000: Back from the Presidential Classroom down in Washington DC, and amazingly the city is still standing. Nearly caused an international incident at the New Zealand embassy, but that's another story. Anyway, I updated the Caption Contest. June's winners can be found here. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

June 19, 2000: Warning, this latest fic is fluffy to the point where it might send people into sugar-shock. A special present for Nina on her 30th birthday, Newly Thirty.

June 15, 2000: Added a whole slew of new fic to the Other Authors page. Two great new ones by Casix, and the latest winner of the Bunny Seal of Approval, The Wild, by Intentionally Obscure Author.

June 12, 2000: Just got back from my college orientation. Had to lip-synch "Dude Looks Like A Lady" in front of 150 strange incoming frosh. I took attention away from myself by pretending to get drunk and pass out halfway through the song. Anyway, upon my return I was inspired to write A Little Bit Longer. Hope you like it.

June 9, 2000: New caption contest put up. Go here for the May winners.

May 29, 2000: Added a new story by an Intentionally Obscure Author called I, Adam.

May 26, 2000: Added a new story by Casix Thistlebane entitled This Is Hell. Angel's in Hell again, so you know it has to be good. *g*

May 23, 2000: Added Understanding, which is my first story where I attempt to work with the character of that so-spiffy lawyer - Lindsey.

May 10, 2000: Added Part Four to The Slayer Bride.

May 8, 2000: Happy birthday to my beloved older brother, Devon! Twenty already, halfway to forty! *g* I also added a great story to the Other Author's Page. Everyone hop on over to read Risk, by DHArtemis, and understand why it has recieved the Bunny Seal of Approval.

May 3, 2000: Added I'm Sorry, which contains heavy spoilers for Sanctuary and minor ones for New Moon Rising.

April 28, 2000: Added two fantastic stories to the Other Author's Page. The first is a very fun humor piece by Jane, the Frog on the Wall entitled Killing A Really Big Cyborg in 12 Easy Steps. The second is a dark, and extremely well-written story by Shuvcat called Call Temp Agency that features the Mayor. This story has also been awarded The Bunny Seal of Approval. Also added Being Human to my fanfiction page.

April 27, 2000: Things might be getting a little busy for me soon, so I archived the April Caption Contest early. Congratulations to all the winners! The May Contest is up and running, and I hope that everyone can think up some classic captions for this picture, which is taken from Where the Wild Things Are, and which I feel perfectly captures the mood of that rather infamous episode. *g*

April 21, 2000: Added Angel: One Man Show. It continues my grand tradition of Angel-bashing.

April 19, 2000: Added Spike the Garden Gnome Slayer. No, really, that's the title. *G*

April 16, 2000: Added The Mirror.

April 12, 2000: Added The Zen of Third Season, and also corrected the Picture link from the last update. (*g* Thanks Mash!)

April 10, 2000: Added a new (and very fluffy!) story that I wrote for Mary Ellen entitled, Rainy Day. Also did massive updates to the Pictures section.

April 8, 2000: I visited the site and found out that it had been hacked into by Zero. While I think I've corrected all the changes that Zero made, I'm not sure I caught them all. If you see any errors, please e-mail me.

April 1, 2000: Added I Love You Today to the Other Author's Page. This is a fantastic story by Amy, and is the first recipient of the Extreme Bunny Seal of Approval. Also updated the Caption Contest. Winners posted on the March Caption Contest.

March 29, 2000: I'd like to introduce everyone to my two new ratings buddies, who were provided for me through the marvelous innovations of greeneyes. From now on, these two helpful bunnies will help me direct people to some of my favorite stories on this site. This is The Bunny Seal of Approval: When it appears next to a story or a link, it means that it's a certain bet for literary or website goodness. And when you see this image, , you have found an item that has earned The Extreme Bunny Seal of Approval. If you see it, click immediately on the item it follows. *g*

March 26, 2000: Gather and rejoice, for the writer's block has temporarily been beaten! For the first time in two months, a new story has been added to My Fanfiction. Damn depressing, but a story. So go read I Found Her, then write and tell me how much you hated it.

March 18, 2000: Everyone who is a fan of my story "The Slayer's Hunter", please go here and read my final notes on this story as I declare it permanently incomplete.

March 15, 2000: There is a new picture at the Caption Contest, and the winners from last month are listed here. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered! I also added a new rumor to the Rumor page, along with my own speculations on its meaning. Also, to those of you who have noticed that I've been exceedingly lax in updating this page I have this response: "You're right. Please be patient." Thanks to Julie and my ever-wonderful evil twin, Jeanie the Tortoise-Fly.

February 24, 2000: Added a new section, Pictures from the Posting Board Party 2000, which is made up entirely by (you guessed it) pictures from my recent trip out to LA and the PBA.

February 5, 2000: Three great new additions to my sorely neglected Other Author's Page. First, an Archive Fic by my wonderful minion Gabe called We Have An Ascender Down, which she wrote in response to my little wool skirt tiff a while back. Next, a wonderful poem by Dace called Cows. And finally, a wonderful parody by Siobhan, It Was The Hellmouth, I Tell You!.

February 1, 2000: This month's Caption Contest is up. Last month's winners are listed here. Thanks to everyone who participated!

January 29, 2000: Resulting from the subtle nagging of Andra and Jai L., I wrote Part 14 to The Slayer's Hunter. I also added a great story by a new author, Mary Ellen. The story's title is Valentine's Day, and it's a wonderful Buffy/Riley fic. However, this fic is Rated R for sexual situations, contact, and innuendo. *g* It has a rabbit reference, though.

January 22, 2000: Finally put up a new Caption Contest. Congratulations to last month's winners!

January 20, 2000: Added Going Fishing.

January 17, 2000: Added The Rest of the Story, the result of a collaboration between myself and Mediancat. Be afraid. Be very, afraid.

January 16, 2000: Finished Laundry Day.

January 6, 2000: Added one completed story, In A Clearing, and the first part to another, Laundry Day. Both involve Buffy and Riley, my new couple of choice. *g*

December 25, 1999: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! In respect for the season, I 'convinced' my Muse to help me write some happyfic. The result is How The Grinch Tried To Steal Christmas.

December 22, 1999: Look out everyone, because the Muse is in one of those moods again. Not the fun kind, either. Thus warned, I added The Cold Cage.

December 15, 1999: Added Washed With Blood, which is most certainly *not* a festive story. It deals with certain suspicians I have towards Tara, that contributer in the great soda-machine-throwing exhibition in 'Hush'.

December 12, 1999: Added Ducks and Silver Glass, which is a semi-festive story.

December 6, 1999: Added a hysterical story by Gabe to the Other Authors page, called Never Underestimate the Power of Kevin Smith. Warning! This fic is rated R for language!

December 5, 1999: Added Part Four to Maiden, Mother, Crone. Also, two new stories. Wool Skirts explains why I haven't been updating as much as usual lately. Answering Machine Blues is a sillyfic following 'Something Blue'.

December 2, 1999: New Caption Contest for this month. Congratulations to November's Winners! And might I just add, that a *Lot* of last month's contributors had some pretty sick minds. Naming no names...Andra.....Gabe....Siobhan.... *G*

November 26, 1999: Added Part 3 to The Slayer Bride.

November 25, 1999: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today I've added one of the best stories I've ever read, She's Buffy, by Sapphire. Couple's Theme Songs has also been updated, with the addition of the Oz/Veruca theme song. In thanks for this marvelous contribution, this masterful contributor has been awarded a million brownie points (on a ten-brownie-point per-day installment plan) and given a place on my staff. He will now make the official Sprite Runs, leaving Gabe with more time to help my Ascention.

November 24, 1999: The Scooby Nominations were just posted, and (joy of joys!) several of my stories were nominated in a variety of categories. Now, since I consider bribery the highest form of poor taste, and would never stoop so low as to solicite votes, I will merely *tell* you what I would do if any of my stories won in any category. *g*

If Just Because wins in either the 'Are All Brits Such Drama Queens Award for Best Angstyfic' or the 'Buffy's White Knight Award for Best Representation of Xander Harris' categories, I will write a third story for my little mini-series, and this time I'll write it from the perspective of Xander's hither-to unnamed love. If it wins both, I'll actually give the series a happy ending.

If Horror Movies & Dating wins the 'Xander's Award for Ill-Timed Humor (Best Comedy Fic)', I will write a second Xander/Anya fluff piece, in which Xander is turned into a rabbit by accident, and Anya has to care for him while the rest of the gang goes out to find a cure.

If Phantom Breeze wins the 'Dead Boy Award for Best Representation of Angel', I will eat my hat.

If Maiden, Mother, Crone wins for either the 'Principal Snyder's *Welcome* to best Newcomer (Best New Character)' or the 'Junior Varsity Award for Best Uncompleted Fic', I will finish the story within a month of the award show. If the story wins *both* awards, then I will write a sequel. Let's just hope I don't have to eat those words...

And, finally, if Keep Faith wins 'The Keyzer Soze Award for Best Plot Twist', I will write a story following the plotline set forth, with Buffy and Faith working to rebuild the Sisterhood of Slayers.

And when you get to the voting booths, make sure to pay special attention to my beloved lackey, Gabe, who is up for the Best Newcomer! Huge congrats, Gabe! You deserve it!

November 23, 1999: I seem to be on a real Buffy/Riley kick lately. Festive follows this recent trend.

November 22, 1999: You've all heard my reasons before, so suffice to say I wrote Peculiar.

November 20, 1999: For reasons that mostly included the two cans of Sprite I just drank, I wrote Princess Cordelia and the Demon. My Muse finally perked up a little.

November 14, 1999: For all the usual reasons, I wrote The One To Blame. And whether it's because of my dismal Trig grade or college applications, my Muse has taken it as her mission to depress the hell out of everyone. Consider yourself warned.

November 13, 1999: For the same reasons as stated previously, I wrote Even Death.

November 9, 1999: In yet another attempt to avoid writing another chapter for either MMC, TSB, or TSH, I've written Dangerous At Night. Also, my heartfelt condolances to all Willow/Oz fans. Tonight is the night, dear friends. Tonight is the end of the dream.

November 6, 1999: Added a sequel to Just Because; Because They Love Me. I've changed the format of the Quotepage, and I also added a new section called Couple Theme Songs. There is a new Caption Contest, and the winners from the October contest can be found here. Finally, I finally translated the Second Book of the Ascention, which was written by the ancient poet and advocate for hiegiene, Gabe.

November 4, 1999: Added Horror Movies & Dating, and also updated the VIP Rambles section.

October 31, 1999: Happy Halloween, everyone! Added a badfic, Women, Beer, and Methos. Also, today is the last day for caption entries! Add them *NOW*!
October 27, 1999: Added a new section. To see it, go here.

October 23, 1999: Added Keep Faith.

October 21, 1999: Added the second part to Shadows of Winter. To skip directly to part two, go here.

October 15, 1999: Happy birthday to Joel the Peppermint Whale!

October 14, 1999: Two new authors, Siobhan and Catherine Mckiernan, have collaborated to produce an absolutely hysterical fic, The Parallel Universes.

October 9, 1999: There's a new section on the page, the Link To The Rabbit Hole! section. All of the banners are courtesy of one of my forest buddies, Beth the Yodeling Loon, and she did a fantastic job on them! Thanks again, Beth! I also added a new author to the the Other Authors page, but everyone probably recognizes her from her MSTs and her Road Trip series. Welcome to Jenni W., who was nice enough to let me put up her hysterical essay, Joss Whedon's Highlander Fetish. The second part to The Slayer Bride is finally up, so check that out. I revamped the Other Authors page, so any comments on it are welcome. More quotes were added to the Caption Contest; keep sending them in! *g*

October 5, 1999: Season premiers were last night, big fun there. Also, I finally put up the new month's caption contest. It's a Buffy/Faith one. Here are the winners for last month, congrats to everyone who submitted!

First Place: Winter Angel

Tied for Second Place: Andra & Joel TPW

Tied for Third Place: Jason & Jane, the Frog on the Wall

Special Mention: Kotis_Dragon & Joel

Runners Up: Casix Thistlebane & SPRITTLEX
Katie Balsinger & Gabe & Erica

September 30, 1999: Added two fics to the 'My Fic' page. 1999 Teen Choice Awards, which was written a while ago but I just never put up, and Just Because, which I wrote this afternoon in Trig class. Which in hindsight was probably not such a good idea, because now I don't know what on earth the lesson was about. The Caption Contest is closed for the month, and I'll announce the winners and put up October's contest over the weekend. Five more days until the new season!

September 29, 1999: Added Independent Contractors to the 'My Fic' page. Also added a new author to the 'Other Authors' page. Her name is Casix Thistlebane, she wrote The Game of Six, and when I Ascend into a 60' Vorpal Bunny, she will be made the Queen of Tahiti, with lots of Tiki gods to get her drinks. *g* Six more days until the new season!

September 23, 1999: Three new entries for this month's Caption Contest. Remember, the month is ending soon, so this is your last chance to enter this month's contest! I also added to my Ascention page. I now have my own 'Alan', courtesy of Gabe, and thanks to Joel the Peppermint Whale, you can now read the New Ascention Terms of Service.

September 6, 1999: Okay, let's face it. I'm not all that humble. I really try, but nothing gives me a bigger thrill than a new award to put onto this page, or my name being mentioned somewhere, or to have someone write me feedback telling me how evil I am. Which is why I've decided that - like The Mayor - it's time to take my lack of humility one step further. I'm going to Ascend. But unlike The Mayor, who in his lack of vision chose to ascend into a big snake, I've decided to Ascend into the nastiest and most feared being ever.

Yep. I'm going to become a 60' Vorpal Bunny!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, unless you're a fan of Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, I don't think you got that. Let's just say that I'm going to be a big rabbit that squeaks and kills people.

In the spirit of my new found lack-of-humility, I've put up a new section on the page. It's called (appropriately enough) My Ascention. Check it out! It will be updated whenever I have something to add. *g*

September 2, 1999: Congratulations to the August Caption Contest winners! First place goes to Andra; second place goes to Erica; and third place goes to Caity. Also, put up two new stories by moi. Both B/A stories, so look out. Phantom Breeze and Shower Scene.

August 29, 1999: Big one this time. A new one by Genevieve called Loneliness, which is just wonderful. Also, Taygeta and Aurorarose 13 have both been nice enough to let me archive some of their stories, so they join the Other Author's Page with Our Love and Lost, respectively. Also, a final reminder on the Caption Contest. Only a few more days are left in August, and this month's winner will be picked soon! Send in your entries quickly!

August 24, 1999: I finally finished putting up Rescue Me. Also, I put up a new story by Carol Hansen called Thicker Than Water.

August 22, 1999: *blush* Okay, I'll just say it right out; I screwed up. Accidentally, I deleted my gallery. Whoops. Fortunately, though, I had a side-project that I've been fiddling with for a while. So, until I find the time to rebuild the Gallery, you'll have to put up with my Quotes page. I've only managed to work up to the end of Season One, though, so no Spike quotes yet. *g*

Also, I've been slowly (*very* slowly*) been archiving a fantastic fic by Greyden Creed, called Rescue Me. Unfortunately, the link to Part 6 isn't working. That's because I haven't put Part 6 into html format yet. Whoops. *sigh* Sorry Greyden. It's 1:30 in the morning over here, so I'll fix it when I get up tomorrow. Or actually, more like later today.

August 12, 1999: I just figured out how to use my scanner, and I've been playing with it. *g* As a direct result, I now have a new section. It's called (appropriately enough) Who The Hell Would Be Weird Enough To Make This Page?

August 8, 1999: Added a new story by Genevieve! It's called Keep Faith and it's wonderful! Full recipient of the Bunny Seal of Approval!

August 5, 1999: Updated The Slayer's Hunter. The story is now complete up to Part 13. (and I do use the word 'complete' loosely)

August 4, 1999: Added a new author, Sprittlex, to the Other Author's page. His story, Forgiveness is also up. Also added a new story by me, This Isn't How It's Supposed To Be.

August 1, 1999: Added a new section, The Gallery, for pictures. Also, congratulations to Sprittlex, who for the second month in the row has come up with the funniest caption for the contest!

July 20, 1999: Behold, our new counter!

July 19, 1999: Added three more stories by Michael Donavon. The Dark Side of Zeppo, Instincts, and Vengeance. Also (finally) changed the Caption Contest picture. So please check it out!

July 15, 1999: Updated the Other Authors' Fic page. *g* A fic by Sandycat, and a truly hysterical one, Thirteen Life Lessons I Learned From BtVS.

July 10, 1999: Updated the Other Author's Fic page. Two stories by Tinkerbell; Blind Trust and Accidents. Also, a story written by my good buddy Andra, Two Choices.

July 9, 1999: Vacation ended early, so I'm back two days ahead of schedule. I updated the Rumors page.

July 7, 1999: Added E-Mail by Genevieve to the Other Author's Page. No updates for a few days, since I'll be vacationing in Newport, RI for a bit.

July 6, 1999: Added Divergant Paths by Michael Donovan and I Want To Dance With You by Nicollette to the Other Author's Fanfic page. Huge thanks to both Mike and Nicollette for letting me use their stories. You two are the best!

July 5, 1999: Added the Other Author's Fanfic page. Yea!

July 4, 1999: Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Yanks! Yes, that was the entire update. Don't be difficult.*g*

June 26, 1999: Added four quotes to the caption contest. June 25, 1999: Added this update list, for one thing. *snerk*. Also added the caption contest page, and June's caption pic entry.

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