Rabbit's Log
Stardate 2-16-01

So, you're in Los Angeles with a horde of fellow Bronzers? What do you do...?

The answer has to be bowling. And bowling it was as the intrepid Caritas crew donned special bowling shoes and hit the lanes as we bowled for the sake of truth, justice, charity, and small puppies...

Well, okay, most of the intrepid Caritas crew bowled. Claris wasn't wearing socks and really didn't feel adventurous enough to go commando in a pair of rented shoes. But she contributed by taking the official bowling photos.

The Bronzers can boast some very good bowlers among our ranks. Above, you can see shehawken prove that, yes, he da man.

Umbris was also a pretty impressive bowler... after something of a shaky start, that is.

Important Safety Tip: Never EVER stand near Umbris on his first shot, or you might be in danger of being hit by bowling balls that are being thrown backwards.

Not everyone was impressive in the traditional point area, either. For instance, Little Sister won recognition for her rather distinctive style, which commonly goes by the moniker of 'The Granny Roll'. She also did better than both me and Darklady, though everyone did better than the two of us. *g*

Oh, yeah. That roll was damn impressive.