Rabbit's Log
Stardate 2-15-01

We Bronzers are an odd crew. Only a group as completely neurotic as we could not only find great amusement in watching a video-tape of the first PBP, but also cheer whenever people we recognized came on-screen, even when said people were among the viewing audience.

Important Safety Tip: When in a crowd of Bronzers, accept that things will break or fall over. Not even potted plants are safe.

At one point during the evening, Darklady, Suzanne, Lovely Poet, and I realized that there were four of us and only two beds. The question was raised as to who would sleep with who, and this was solved by the only answer possible:

The Potato Game. one-potato-two-potato-three-potato-four...

Through this method, it was determined that Darklady would sleep with Suzanne while Lovely Poet slept with me. Never underestimate the power of the potato game.