Rabbit's Log
Stardate 2-15-01

After having scarred the taxi-driver for life, we piled out and checked in. Lovely Poet and I gleefully scampered into our room, where we found the third member of our merry little band -- Suzanne. While Lovely Poet was showering (after spending two hours waiting for your luggage, wouldn't you want to shower ASAP?) Suzanne and I talked politics. Since I would later be banned from any mention of either the state of current political affairs, I enjoyed this a great deal.

Important Safety Tip: If you don't like hearing about politics, don't room with a Political Science major.

Once Lovely Poet emerged, quite refreshed, we hit the hotel restaurant, where the Bronzers had already taken over.

Important Safety Tip: If you were ever mistaken about the gender of a Bronzer, it isn't a good idea to blurt this out over dinner.

After we had fed well upon sweet non-airline food, we found ourselves in the Caritas Suite, which would become headquarters for the rest of the weekend.

Darklady (the fourth roommate) showed up, and then the party really got started.