Rabbit's Log
Stardate: 2-15-2001

Once the plane arrived at LAX, we gleefully pranced off, thoroughly ready for any fun that might choose to find us. And fun did indeed find us -- embodied in the form of Lovely Poet, who we found down in baggage claim.

Pretty perky for a girl who just spent two hours waiting for her luggage to arrive, isn't she?

Lovely Poet was one of my roommates, and it says something about how great a person she is that after spending the cab ride to the hotel wedged between her and Claris, I was still pretty happy about being around her for the rest of the weekend.

Important Safety Tip For Cab Drivers: If you see a group of Bronzer women looking for a ride, DON'T STOP. The psychological damage you will suffer from their conversations is just not worth the fare.