PBP/Caritas 2001
Rabbit's Log
Stardate 2-15-2001

After a blissful three hours of sleep, I rolled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5:00AM to begin the trip to that Bronzer mecca -- Los Angeles. Most of my packing was completed back at 2AM, so all I had to do was pull on my clothes, pick up my bags, and stumble out the door. It was still something of a challenge, since at five in the morning putting on a pair of pants can seem somewhat daunting. Sadly, the noise that my departure created did not wake either of my roommates (the She-Harpies).

Sitting outside the dorm at 5:30 in the morning is quite an experience. For one thing, it gives you time to ponder all those important questions in life, like: 'will my taxi ever come?' 'when does the sun rise?' and 'what was that noise?' Thankfully, my cab arrived before I really had to consider that last question, and by 7:00AM I was sitting in Providence Airport, where I met my two traveling buddies, Ozlady and Claris.

This picture was taken about five minutes before we found out that our flight was delayed three hours. Trust me, those happy looks were wiped away pretty quickly.

Things didn't stay gloomy for long, though. We toddled over to the airport TGIF and partook of an early lunch while Claris took the opportunity to reglue her shoe.

Important Safety Tip: When traveling with Claris, never let her drink a combination of coffee and beer. Things get very scary.

At long last, our plane arrived and we buckled into our economy Southwest Airline seats for the seven hour flight. Along the way word games were played, happy drunks were encountered, funny pictures were taken, and books were read. The fact that we were all still (somewhat) sane when we arrived at LAX is an amazing thing.