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Hey Everyone,

I know this is probably a little late, or may seem so, but I feel it's never to late for a good gesture.

As most of you probably already know, the BtVS transcripts written by AleXander and formerly hosted on The Slayer's Fanfic Archive have been taken down at the insistence of 20th Century Fox Television. Almost everyone has also said that they are sorry in some way. I was surprised though, at how little reaction there was from the community. I rallied with everyone else, when Earshot and Graduation Day were postponed, and was filled with a sense of fellowship. We created a roar that even the newspapers and the outside world recognized. Yet when one of our own is hurt in the same way, or worse there is little more than sad murmuring. I can almost see us, like a group worshipping an idol. Should anything threaten that idol, then nothing would stop us, but if one of our own is struck down in our midst, nothing happens.

Frankly, this scares me and breaks my heart. I have always seen this community as a sort of loving family. A place where we are welcomed and allowed to escape for a while from real life. My stomach turns at the thought of the possibility that if I become too noticable or some big-wig doesn't like me, that I may lose my site and it scares me. But it breaks my heart to think that the community I care for so deeply might do nothing for me.

If anyone feels the way I feel, or feels that an injust has been done to AleXander and the Slayer's Fanfic Archive, please come sign the petiton at and set up a link.

Thank you.


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