Member's Rants

Robyn the Snowshoe Hare (written Monday, May 24, three hours after the cancelation was announced):

It's a sad, sad day when you realize that you now have more respect for *Spammers* than you do for the WB executives.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the series that finally brought actual attention to the WB, and actually made it a respected network. BtVS paved the way for WB to bring about a hit lineup, such as Dawson's Creek and Felicity. Then, the WB turns around and treats this wonderful show like garbage.

How many BtVS ads do you see when you watch the WB? Next to none. I have seen a total of two. How many Dawson's Creek or Felicity ads do you see? Hundreds.

And now this outrage. We understood when Earshot was cancelled.It was the very week after the tragedy, and it hit far too close to home. But this is outrageous. It has been a full month since the tragedy. The execs (whom henceforth shalt be known as crap-weasels) are jumping at shadows.

But let's look at this from their point of view (more close to the ground and limited, since they are, after all, crap-weasels). Too much violence. Horrors.

I could've sworn I saw a whole bunch of people being shot in the last episode of the X-Files. Better cancel that. And NYPD Blue? Gasp! Horrors!

Better knock off ER, too, because there is far too much blood in that. And I could've sworn that I once saw a woman try and shoot herself on an episode of Touched By An Angel. What kind of message is that sending to today's youth?

Can we forget about Highlander: The Raven? I mean, every episode we see Amanda lopping off heads! Or better get UPN to cancel Star Trek Voyager. I mean, all those hand-held phasers might give people ideas.

To any crap-weasels who might be reading this: Buy a clue. The fans understood and accepted the canceling of Earshot. Different circumstances here. Right now, the only thing anyone is feeling is outraged.

The petitions, angry phone calls, and e-mails don't seem to be working. Make WB hurt financially. When the replacement episode goes on tomorrow night, turn to another channel, and don't turn back to the WB until they stop abusing the show that has brought them so much money and us so much joy.

~Robyn the Snowshoe Hare

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