Title: A Christmas Carol: Sunnydale Style
Status: Complete
Season: Third; pre-"Amends"
Type: Prose
Genre: Drama
Primary Character: Angel
Teaser: On Christmas Eve, Angel is visited by three ghosts in a deliberate rip-off of the Dickens classic.

Title: Speaking With Management
Status: Complete
Season: mid-Third
Type: Conversation
Genre: Humor
Primary Character: Mr. Eros
Teaser: Two beings discuss the love lives of a certain group living in Sunnydale.

Title: The 1999 Teen Choice Awards
Status: Complete
Season: Third
Type: Prose
Genre: Humor
Primary Character: Robyn the Snowshoe Hare
Teaser: The 1999 Teen Choice Awards are rigged, and it's up to Robyn TSH and Plot Hole to fix it.

Title: How The Grinch Tried To Steal Christmas
Status: Complete
Season: Fourth, 'Hush' & 'Parting Gifts'
Type: Prose
Genre: Sillyfic
Primary Character: The Grinch
Teaser: In my annual Christmas fic, the Grinch comes to Sunnydale

Title: Joy To The World
Status: Complete
Season: Vaguely Fourth-ish
Rating: PG-14
Spoilers: Riley and Tara exist
Type: Bad Prose
Genre: Sick humor
Primary Character: Willow and The Fat Man
Teaser: Christmas eve. The Fat Man. Body removal.

Title: The Night Riley Went Crazy
Status: Complete
Season: BtVS Season Five
Spoilers: Nil
Type: Song Parody
Genre: Humor
Primary Character: Riley
Teaser: The Christmas 2000 fanfic. Enjoy.

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