Title: Last Confession
Status: Complete
Season: Second; Alternate Universe
Type: Prose
Genre: Drama
Primary Character: Willow
Teaser: Married and with a family of her own, Willow had thought that she left Sunnydale long behind. One day, however, a letter comes in the mail that reveals truths that force her to reunite the Scooby Gang for one last mission.

Title: Missing, Presumed Death
Status: Incomplete
Season: Third
Type: Prose
Genre: Round Robin, Humor
Primary Character: Death
Teaser: When Death comes to town to figure out why the death rate in Sunnydale is so high, he brings utter insanity with him.....

Title: The Rest of the Story
Authors: Mediancat & Robyn the Snowshoe Hare
Status: Complete
Season: Second, Alternate Universe
Type: Prose
Genre: Sillyfic
Primary Character: Buffy, Angel, Tom Warner
Teaser: What if Angel had left town in 'Surprise', and returned three months later?

Title: It's Fun To Share!
Authors: Mediancat & Danielle & Intentionally Obscure Author & Karen & Superpixie & Robyn TSH
Status: Complete
Season: BtVS Season Four, AtS Season One -- Set during the summer break
Spoilers: See above
Type: List
Primary Character: Everyone and the kitchen sink
Teaser: Okay -- you know those questionnaires friends keep sending you? The buffy characters get them too . . .

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