Hi everyone.

By now you've heard that the WB does not plan on airing the second part of the BTVS season finale Graduation. Petitions have been signed and righteous indignation is rampant. But neither of these things are going to get us what we want. What we need to do is be organized. Be vigilant and hit WB where it really counts, in the wallet.

Tomorrow night after BTVS is over and we are positive that Graduation 2 is not going to be shown, turn off the WB. Let me say this again TURN OFF THE WB. Now once you've switched stations do not go back. Not until they agree to show the episode.

That's right. No more WB watching until we get what we want. That includes the OFFICIAL WB HOMEPAGE. This is especially important if you are a Nielson's Family. We need all the support we can get and you guys pack one hell of a punch.

Also, tell everyone you know to stop watching the WB.

We will then boycott the stores as well. DO NOT ORDER anything from the WB. DO NOT BUY anything from the WB. If we maintain a complete boycott we will get quicker results. We need to maintain a united front. We need to let the WB know that we are not happy with their decision to pull Graduation 2.

So as of 9 PM EST



That's 6PM in CA.

Please help us to stop this kind os censorship. It's the worst thing that can happen. They start to chose what we can watch, what video games we can play and soon it's what we can think.

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